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Evolution Chips – Authorised Dealer

CRD Performance Bolton are privileged dealers for Evolution Chips and are fully equipped with the latest New Genius serial OBD Dealer handset and new BDM Trasdata  ECU reading and writing interface.

Evolution Chips are without doubt one of the leaders (if not the leaders) in petrol and diesel engine remapping; don’t take our word for it, just ‘Google’ them. Not only do they offer performance remapping for all types of engines including direct injection petrol GDI and FSI but for diesel DPF and EGR removal also.

Evolution Chips remaps are expertly developed and optimised individually for each vehicle. As an Evolution Chips dealer, we are provided with these maps, in the form of a data file, which we use to reprogram the vehicle’s ECU, usually in one of two ways; Genius or Trasdata.

The Evolution Genius

One of our Geniuses at work

Evolution via Genius

The car’s engine control unit (ECU) can sometimes be programmed through the on board diagnostic (OBD) socket which is usually located near to the driver’s seat. For this we use the Genius.

The Genius is a hand-held, stand-alone unit that allows the remap to be transferred to the vehicle’s ECU via the OBD socket without the need to remove the ECU or gain access to it.

Evolution via Trasdata


Trasdata System

On some vehicles it is necessary to remove the ECU and to programme it on the bench using Trasdata. This is a very expensive piece of kit that most dealers haven’t invested in. The Trasdata interface reads and writes data directly off of the main processor rather than through the OBD. This method is often referred to as BDM – Back Door Mode.

While looking for a software re-mapping and DPF deletion company to partner with, CRD Performance spoke to and checked out many who claimed to be either the best or even cheapest. We soon decided to contact Evolution Chips and after lengthy technical discussions with both the owners, Kenny and Stuart, realised that they clearly know what they’re doing and were from a motorsport background.

Scan Tool

Scan Tool

Scan Tool

When customers bring a vehicle to us for re-mapping we normally carry out a road test and fault code read using a scan tool, any relevant concerns will be brought to the customer’s attention. The original file is then read and E-mailed to Evolution Chips who then use some of the vehicles identity and security data to create a modified file from their vehicle database and return it to us. The modified file is then installed and the vehicle road tested, a copy of the original file is retained by us and for additional security a copy held in the archives at Evolution Chips.


DPF Removal & Deletion

As diesel specialists, we frequently have vehicles brought to us for DPF rectification that are still within their manufacturer’s warranty period, often because the Main Dealer has refused to rectify the fault under warranty, blaming the owner’s driving style or vehicle usage. As well as fixing many DPF problems we are often asked to remove the diesel particulate filter completely from the exhaust system and to carry out any re-programming of the vehicles computer that this procedure requires.

DPF Core Removal

DPF Core Removal

DPF Core Removal

DPF Core Removal

More DPF removal information and a price guide can found in our DPF section:
Click here to go to the DPF section


To find out if your vehicle can be Evolution Chipped click on the link below.

Evolution Chips – Vehicle Search & Prices


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