Fitting a New DPF

Having found that a forced regeneration or chemical clean of the DPF has been unsuccessful, some people who wish to keep their vehicle to the manufacturers original specification, may chose to fit a replacement unit. Some DPFs however, incorporate a catalytic converter within the same unit and, as a result, can cost well in excess of £1000.00 (such DPFs have even been known to cost up to £4000.00 for some vehicles).

The cause of failure must still therefore be diagnosed, to prevent the subsequent failure of any replacement DPF unit. Any necessary repairs should then carried out and, lastly, the car’s computer reset so that it knows a new DPF has been fitted.

In this comprehensive video from AUTOiNFORM magazine (a magazine for the professional automotive technician), Frank Massey and Doug Bentley, Head of product development at Klarius, discuss DPF replacement or repair and the importance of using quality parts.