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LPG Fuel Savings Calculator

LPG CalculatorPlease use our LPG Fuel Savings Calculator to see how much you could save by switching to LPG.

Simply enter your typical annual mileage and your vehicle’s average mpg then click ‘Calculate’. You may also change the Petrol and LPG costs (pence per litre) to reflect more local or up-to-date values.

Calculated savings are approximate and typical. Actual savings may be slightly more or less, depending on the LPG kit installed, the vehicle and how it is driven.

1) Please enter your approximate annual mileage and mpg.

2) Press Calculate to see how much you could save using LPG.

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Fuel Saving Chart

The UKLPG has kept a record in recent years of the prices at the pumps of LPG and petrol as published by Fleet News and petrolprices.com. Based on these national average prices the actual savings per year by running on LPG are higher than ever.

Year LPG Petrol LPG as % Annual Savings
2004 38.46 80.13 48.0 £576.00
2005 39.88 86.98 45.8 £667.00
2006 44.53 91.94 48.4 £652.00
2007 46.71 93.96 49.7 £639.00
2008 56.00 107.75 51.9 £679.00
2009 52.00 99.15 52.4 £613.00
2010 63.00 116.63 54.0 £680.00

Annual savings based on 15,000 miles per year at 38 mpg