Our Courtesy Cars

Courtesy Cars Available We have a number of free-of-charge courtesy cars, subject to availability, for customers who have pre-booked their vehicles with us.

You will require no less than third party insurance cover in place. Most people’s insurance cover allows them to drive another vehicle with third party cover. You will be signing a free loan car agreement to confirm this and also that any parking tickets, speeding fines or driving offences incurred for the duration will be your own responsibility.

We offer a range of different courtesy vehicles to help fulfil the needs of most customers. For example, we presently have an estate vehicle with automatic transmission, a diesel hatch, an LPG vehicle, plus a couple of petrol cars with manual transmission.

These cars, although reliable and well maintained, are older vehicles intended for local use only to help customers return home and to keep them on the road. If you are planning a longer journey, you will need to make sure you have your own breakdown assistance cover in place.

If you require a more modern or prestigious replacement vehicle there is a car hire company on Manchester Road directly adjacent to the entrance of our industrial estate.

We have listed the local hire companies at the bottom of the page ( click here ) to assist you.

Insurance Cover

Car Insurance Your vehicle is fully insured whilst left on the premises including night time cover when our premises are fully insured with Red Care monitoring direct to the police.

All members of the team are fully comprehensively insured to drive any vehicle of any value or engine size. Our cover includes for us to drive an uninsured vehicle not belonging us, even to the extreme extent that we would be covered to drive in a stolen vehicle.

We have taken a lot of time to investigate the best insurance cover and company available to the motor trade to ensure our customers peace of mind.

For customers who choose to leave their vehicle when we are closed and post the keys in our secure key box, their vehicle is not covered by our insurance while outside our premises. On the rare occasion a customer is unable collect their car as arranged, and the space in our workshop has been reserved for another vehicle, their car will be left at the Shell 24 hour petrol station, with the customer’s consent. This will be at the owner’s risk and will not covered by our insurance.

Windscreen damage is not covered by motor trade insurance policies therefore, in the event a windscreen sustains a stone chip or breakage, any insurance cover for this will revert back to the customers own policy.

Local Hire Car Companies

Distance: 100 Yards

Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Manchester Road
BL3 2ND (map)

01204 532425

Distance: 1 Mile

National Car Rental
Thynne Street
BL3 6BZ (map)

01204 365373

Distance: 1 Mile

Thynne Street
BL3 6BZ (map)

01204 510303

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