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CRD Perfromance WorkshopWe spent many months looking for the perfect location for our business and found that Manchester Road, Bolton was fast becoming the car centre of the North West and with our premises being situated next to the slip road of the A666 it is with great ease to access us from the motorway network from anywhere in the UK.

Vehicle Storage

We have taken possession of our second building, Unit 2 Burnden Industrial Estate to give more storage space, this gives customers the flexibility to deliver vehicles the night before their booking or not have to collect the same day, as we are a small specialist workshop it has not previously been possible to take cars in at short notice or store them to help with customers own needs, we have now addressed this.

CRD Performance ReceptionReception

We have a welcoming heated reception area with seating if you are waiting for a small job to be done there are display cabinets to peruse, the latest magazines to read plus our customers favourite ‘Cool Board’ full of funny photographs and unusual cars to view.  The walls are full of all the F1 team’s qualifications.



CRD Performance BoardroomBoardroom

We have a fully functional boardroom which is regularly used in connection with our development business and for investor meetings, on the odd occasion this is also available for customers by prior arrangement who have travelled a long way and need to stay in the area, this is also available for Superchip customers whilst they wait, it is equipped with leather settees, TV, drinks and full wireless internet access, it has independent air conditioning and heating.The room can also be hired for training purposes or group meetings within the motor industry.

CRD Performance


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  • Diesel, LPG and Petrol Performance Centre
  • LPG Installations, Servicing and System Upgrades
  • Mechanical Repairs and Servicing – All Makes
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Problems Solved
  • 500BHP 2WD Rolling Road with Printout
  • Nitrous Oxide Petrol and Diesel Kits
  • Research and Development for CRD Technology
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Insurance Approved

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