UKLPG Approved Installer Making the move to LPG (Autogas)

BMW X3 LPG InstallationThere are a number of benefits associated with converting a vehicle to run on LPG: Not only is LPG a much cheaper fuel, meaning that the conversion can quickly pay for itself, but it is also a cleaner, greener fuel, with over 1400 filling stations in the UK alone.

Most petrol vehicles can be converted to run on LPG (currently there are around 17 million vehicles worldwide, over 10 million in Europe and over 160,000 in the UK running on LPG).

In the vast majority of cases, the installation of the LPG system converts the petrol vehicle into a dual fuel vehicle, meaning that it has two independent fuel systems and tanks and is able to run on either LPG or petrol, at the simple flick of a switch.

LPG fuel tanks are often installed in the boot of the vehicle, but with many different tank options , they can also be located beneath the boot floor, in the spare wheel well or mounted under the chassis, resulting in no loss of valuable boot load space.For more information, please use the links at the top of the page.

To see the high quality of installation you can expect from CRD Performance in Bolton and examples of our conversion work, please check out our LPG Installations Gallery .

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