Repair and Servicing

Ford Logo Ford Motor Company also have vehicles on offer with a factory fitted option. The kit fitted can be one of three, the most popular one is the metering head variant of the Necam / Koltec system and this is the same system as the one fitted to the Vauxhall vehicles.

The other two systems are liquid injection systems. Liquid injection systems works similarly to a petrol-injection system, liquefied fuel is pumped out of the tank to a fuel pressure regulator and to the injectors. The system comprises of an LPG fuel tank with an integrated pump, a fuel pressure regulator with a pressure sensor and safety valve incorporated into it, liquid gas injectors and the LPG ECU

The Icon / Metatron system is a standard Multipoint system where as the Vialle system is a fully sequential system, apart from this the kits operate in the same way, for more information on how they work please visit the ‘talking technical’ section of the ‘LPG Conversion’ page.

These systems require less time to service and rarely suffer from a build up of contamination, but theses systems do develop faults that we are equipped to deal with, using the wiring schematics of the system, and having a full understanding on how these systems work we can diagnose and repair them.

Of the two systems we see more Icon / Metatron systems than we see of the Vialle type, unfortunately the Icon pumps have a reputation to suffer from failure, fortunately we have acquired a number of replacement pumps in which we can remove and install a brand new pump, the Vialle pump has been designed with an internal lubricating system and varies its running speed dependant of the gas demand, these wear reducing technologies reduce the number of pump failures we see with the Vialle system.

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