Our Dyno-Clean DPF service is offered as a low cost cleaning and maintenance alternative to the DPF Regenerator cleaning process. This procedure can only be carried out if the engine is still in a normal running state and not in any limp mode, sometimes it is possible to clear any DPF fault codes causing the limp mode and then carry out the Dyno-Clean.

The process involves introducing about a litre of non flammable carbon dissolving chemical directly into the DPF or through the running engine. This fluid is introduced whilst the engine is hot and left to soak inside the DPF for about 20 minutes after which several high speed dyno runs are performed. During these runs a much greater than normal exhaust gas flow is reached along with much higher DPF core temperatures that could never be achieved during even harsh on the road driving. This occurs because a much higher and constant engine load is held and the vehicle is stationary without any wind cooling effect on the underside of the vehicle.

Results are generally good after this clearout and the driver will notice a difference in performance, not just in overall power but in how much more responsive and crisp the engine feels. A further option during this procedure is to add a can of BG Products fuel system cleaner to the tank, as the engines injectors are held wide open for longer time periods during the Dyno run, best cleaning results are achieved.

Prices for the Dyno-Clean start from £150.00 for single DPF vehicles.

DFP Dyno-Clean: Insignia – Part 1

DPF Dyno-Clean: Insignia – Part 2

DPF Dyno-Clean: Insignia – Part 3

DPF Dyno-Clean: Insignia – Part 4

DPF Dyno-Clean: Insignia – Part 5

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