ASNU Petrol Injector Bench

CRD Performance of Bolton has invested heavily in the very latest state of the art ASNU petrol injector testing and cleaning bench. ASNU have been selling their flow test and ultrasonic cleaning bench since the early eighties when electronic petrol injection systems became commonly used by most vehicle manufacturers.

Some specialist garages purchased these units, which remained relatively unchanged in design for about 30 years, but recent developments and changes in vehicle emissions has seen the introduction of direct injection petrol systems. These new generation injectors operate at much higher pressures but with reduced opening times and cannot be tested using the conventional ASNU test bench. ASNU did launch an add on interface so that early benches were able to test some of these new direct petrol injectors, but this was only a stop gap with only a small number of dealers purchasing.


Our own ASNU machine

GDI and FSI Injector Cleaning

In 2011 CRD Performance were the first specialist garage in the UK to purchase the new purpose built ASNU GDI & FSI petrol injector flow testing and cleaning bench.

This new machine is still based on the original design and is still able to test and ultrasonically clean all types of early sequential, simultaneous, group or multipoint and single point injectors including SPI, LE, and KE & TBI injectors. The main difference is this new machine can properly test, flow and clean all types of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) injectors; these are often also referred to as FSI injectors (which stands for Fuel Strategic Injection).

Cars, vans, motorcycles, scooters, jet skis …

Cars and vans are not the only vehicles fitted with petrol injection systems, we get enquiries for motorbikes, scooters & motorcycles, also Jet Ski and other marine use including speedboats and hovercraft, even aeroplane engines.

CRD Performance are able to test, clean and service most types of petrol injectors and, if by prior appointment, this can be done while the customer waits, assuming of course the injectors have already been removed. If they need to be removed then this is a service CRD Performance do offer but labour costs are charged on a time-taken basis and the vehicle will need to be left for the engine to cool. While conventional injectors are (on most engines) accessible and easy to remove, this is not always the case with direct type injectors. Due to their location inside the combustion chamber the inlet manifold usually has to be removed and then, due to carbon build up around the seat, a special puller is used to extract them, sometimes with risk of damage. This procedure can be carried out at the customer’s risk and, should it be necessary to replace any injectors, these will need to be replaced at the customer’s expense.

Instead of trying to convince you that having your  petrol injectors cleaned will benefit you and your engine, we’ve decided to show you a couple of video clips.

The first video is from Phil Ellisdon, the owner of ASNU; he liked the Australian company so much that he bought it! A Cockney maybe, but he’s OK – We’ve met Phil loads of times; he exhibits at almost every Motorshow in the UK and has been doing for about 20 years now – truly dedicated.

Phil Ellisdon, owner of ASNU


The second clip features Frank Massey of ADS Preston. Frank is one of the most respected automotive trainers in the UK and specialises in both petrol and diesel engine diagnostics. I’ve met Frank and his son Dave Massey, on a number of occasions and what a knowledgeable pair they are! Between them, when not running training courses around the country, they can be found at their Automotive Diagnostic Solution premises in Preston which specialises in engine management diagnostics.

 Frank Massey of ADS Preston


Price Guide

Conventional Petrol Injector

Flow Test and Ultrasonic Clean and Re-Test
Including Filters and Seals (if Required).                    £15.00 +VAT

GDI or FSI injector

Flow Test and Ultrasonic Clean and Re-Test
Including Filters and Seals (if required).                     £25.00 +VAT

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